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Supplier information: cases of attempted fraud and scamming

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FAYAT SAS is subject to attempted fraud and scamming, in France and worldwide, through identity theft concerning either the company or one of its employees.

Fraudsters send e-mails to suppliers and/or service providers, requesting the opening of customer accounts or orders using fake addresses such as "" (instead of the official "" address)

These e-mails may be signed by Group employees (with the name, address, business registration number, etc. of FAYAT SAS) and may be accompanied by legal documents. These are attempts to commit fraud.

If you are a victim of such behaviour or of any other suspicious behaviour, we advise you to report it immediately to this dedicated email address:, and to file a complaint with the relevant authorities.

Sefi-Intrafor's teams are special foundations experts and handle different types of deep foundations and underground works.
Sefi-Intrafor also has an in-house design & engineering department that works on design and implementation, as well as a large fleet of equipment (mobile cranes, drilling machines, grout production and injection plants, etc.).


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With its Foundations Division's 2 companies, the Fayat group provides a full range of technical solutions for all types of foundations and ground consolidation works.

Sefi-Intrafor: Our expertise

Walls, grouting, tie beams, micropiles, quarry consolidation, domestic water for villages, and piles: Sefi-Intrafor possesses extensive technical expertise and recognised special foundations know-how.