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Domestic water for villages



Domestic water for villages

For more than 30 years, Sefi-Intrafor has collaborated on programmes to supply domestic water for villages. Backed by international funds, these boreholes sustainably improve the water supply of rural populations in West Africa.
Sefi-Intrafor has successfully developed specific skills and acquired the equipment needed to meet the requirements of these projects.

Project supervision

These projects are supervised by full-time company employees with experience in these techniques, and local personnel trained on site. Today, these powerful tools - combined with our teams’ experience - guarantees remarkable effectiveness across all types of terrain.
Sefi-Intrafor has used its know-how to supply domestic water for villages in multiple countries: Egypt, Burkina Faso, Mali, Niger, Guinea, Ghana, Togo, etc.

Uses of domestic water for villages

- Borehole setup
- Hydrogeological investigations
- Geophysical works
- Water table investigations
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