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The location of the Bagneux Casino store (on the N20 main road and close to future underground lines 4 and 15) makes this a promising project for real-estate developers.

The aim of the Casino project is to convert the current building, featuring a ground floor and an underground car park, into a 10-floor residential building… but keep the store.

For the transformation to be a success and bear the weight of the future building, Sefi-Intrafor’s teams have been hard at work since mid-March right down in the underground quarry, reinforcing the foundations build back in 1969.
Two solutions were possible: drilling and grouting or masonry pillars. Sefi-Intrafor had the option of working on either solution.

To stick to the project’s schedule, the prime contractor chose to build masonry pillars (as they do not require the drying times that have to be factored into the “drilling and grouting” option) directly via the store’s underground car park, meaning the store could stay open.

However, this decision did have some knock-on effects as the teams had to dig 1m down into a small section of the car park to set up the cranes. This also caused material supply and disposal issues.

The masonry pillars are currently being set up between the existing pillars: once finished, the quarry will be satisfactorily consolidated to bear the new loads.
4 well foundation access shafts will also be dug at the same time via the underground car park.

Client: Vinci Immobilier, Bouygues Immobilier
Client: Géolia


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