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The Chaufourniers neighbourhood owes its name to the nearby Buttes-Chaumont quarries’ old lime kilns (French: four à chaux). In Rue des Chaufourniers, four kilns were used to heat stone to produce lime then plaster. This is the origin of its name, paying tribute to the people, the lime kiln workers, who did this job, which was not only hard but also extremely dangerous due to the toxicity of the quick lime.

So, following a first emergency call-out after subsidence was detected 3 years ago, Sefi-Intrafor has returned to the home of the Chaufourniers (Paris 19th district) to carry out compensation grouting to solve a dissolved gypsum issue.
After diagnostic work by Géolia, which was selected by Paris City Hall (Paris Habitat), work began on this government-contracted project (awarded back in summer 2018) in December 2018 and ended in early June 2019.
This project was not particularly technically complex but was “complicated” by external issues.
The residential renovation works by Bouygues, carried out at the same time as the grouting, resulted in a full-on procession of removal workers transferring residents from building to building throughout the works.

The project featured drilling, backfilling, and compensation grouting. The grouting plant was set up on Rue Turot - far from the work area - and the grout had to be routed across the neighbourhood in pipes.

It proved a real puzzle but Sefi-Intrafor was up to the challenge and successfully completed this project without disrupting the tenants’ pedestrian access or getting in the way of Bouygues’ renovation works, and managed its own issues well: working around the removal firms, protecting water and electricity lines, and (the cherry on the cake) having to vacate emergency access routes every evening.

Client: Paris City Hall - Paris Habitat - Mrs. Geffrotin
Prime contractor:  Geolia - Mr. Marcie & Mr. Baumy

Cité des Chaufourniers

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