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Our vision

The business lines in the Foundations industry may not be well know but that doesnt make them any less fascinating!

Management, training, and mobility

The fayat group's fundamental values are shared by all its subsidiaries.

Choosing to work for Fayat means joining companies that operate on a human scale but have the strategy of a major group.

22,791 people work for Fayat group. Fayat Foundations companies feature 620 foundations employees, including 320 at Sefi-Intrafor. In this fast-growing field of business, our company attracts new employees every year to work on our both large-scale and local sites all over France.

With its short lines of authority, Sefi-Intrafor's companies promote a culture of accountability. Local management based on the trust placed in each employee encourages independence and decision-making.

Passionately expressing our business skills, taking on new geotechnical challenges every day, and sharing common values on projects of all sizes: the men and women of Sefi-Intrafor have that in common!

Join us

Find out more about our business lines on placements (worksites, design & engineering offices), join one of our companies, and develop your skills by working on multiple assignments on a wide range of projects: your potential is boosted by learning skills from existing staff and attending training courses, growing as a member of a group.

Recruitment brochure

  • Plaquette recrutement (pdf, 6.51 MB)